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Light Bulbs Matter

When you list your house one simple preparation item is to make sure that all your light bulbs are working properly. As homeowners, we all have a light bulb burn out from time to time and, if the room is well lit, sometimes we just let it go. Or perhaps you had tenants and they seem to have lived in the dark. All the lights, inside and out, need to be functioning. Here’s why.

  1. Lighter is better for showing. You may feel it sets a mood, but folks want things to feel bright and cheerful. Pull back the drapes and turn on the lights.
  2. Photos – if one of your bulbs in a chandelier is out it will be glaring in a photo. Also think about making sure your color of light matches. If you have cool and warm lights it will look odd both in photos and real life.
  3. Home inspection. The home inspector will not know if your bulb is just burned out or if there is a serious electrical issue so they will note it as an issue.